Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Show Notes 06-10-2017

Saturday Show 6-10-17

Megyn Kelly spars with defiant Vladimir Putin on NBC show debut
Megyn Kelly made her much-ballyhooed debut on NBC Sunday, though she didn’t exactly live up to the title of her new magazine show that went up against 60 Minutes.
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Dem Congresswoman Doesn’t Know FBI Part of Executive Branch
A leading Democrat in the House and frequent critic of President Donald Trump made an embarrassing faux pas during CNN’s Erin Burnett “OutFront” show on Wednesday night.
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Meet Young Americans Who Pledge Allegiance, Salute Old Glory and Honor our Troops
In recent days we have seen shameful images of American young people burning the flag, disrespecting the National Anthem and desecrating the U.S. Constitution. We have seen them try and silence free speech and bully those who defend freedom.
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SecState Tillerson Recognizes ‘Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex Pride Month’ 
Secretary of State Rex Tillerson issued a statement on June 7, recognizing what the called “LGBTI Month” and said that the State Department is "working around the world to uphold the fundamental freedom of LGBTI persons to live with dignity and freedom.”
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Chimps are not people, cannot be freed from custody: New York court
Chimpanzees do not deserve the same rights as people, a New York state appeals court unanimously concluded on Thursday, as it refused to order the release of two of the animals to a primate sanctuary.
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This police dog was fired from his job for an adorable reason
This is Gavel, a German Shepherd who was recruited as a puppy to train as a police dog - but ended up getting the sack. Unfortunately, Gavel was found to be not up to the task. As the police put it, he  "did not display the necessary aptitude for a life on the front line."
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Why whales are back in New York City
Once all but extinct in New York City's waters, the whales are undeniably back. The same year that the curious humpback captured our attentions, Sieswerda counted 106 whales in the waters off New York City.
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Groundswell of Local Support to Meet US Goals in Paris Accord
It's been a week since President Trump announced he was pulling the U.S. out of the Paris Agreement. In that time, a remarkable transformation has taken place.
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