Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Show Notes 06-03-17

Saturday Show 6-3-17

Check out the List of 66 Programs Axed by the New Trump Budget
The Hill has a nice report on the 66 programs that President Trump’s budget would cut. The cuts would save about $27 Billion, which is really just a drop in the bucket of government spending, but we have to start somewhere.
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35 St. Louis-area convenience store owners indicted following federal raids
A federal grand jury has indicted 35 store owners on federal conspiracy charges for trafficking contraband cigarettes, distributing controlled substances and money laundering.
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Pence confident Supreme Court will uphold Trump's travel ban
Vice President Pence said he was “very confident” the Supreme Court would uphold the Trump administration’s authority to issue its controversial travel ban during a wide-ranging discussion Friday on “Fox & Friends.”
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Palestinian police are working overtime enforcing Shariah law’s fast during Ramadan on Muslims and non-Muslims alike. At least four people, including Christians, have been arrested so far for eating in public before sunset since last week when the monthlong Muslim holy days began.
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Desired for their labor, rejected as neighbors. Farmworkers in California face hostile communities
The “urban farm homes” nestled along a cul-de-sac off an old farm road in Nipomo, Calif., had lofted floor plans with more than 2,500 square feet of living space — “perfect … for multi-generational living,” the advertisements boasted.
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