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Show Notes 03-10-2017

Friday Show 3-10-17

AG Sessions asks remaining 46 US attorneys to resign
Attorney General Jeff Sessions has asked the remaining 46 U.S. attorneys who served under the Obama administration to resign, the Justice Department announced Friday, describing the move as part of an effort to ensure a "uniform transition."
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Islam on Track to Overtake Christianity, Become the World’s Biggest Religion
By the middle of this century, the number of Muslims worldwide will roughly equal those of Christians and by the century’s end will exceed them, making Islam the world’s largest religion.
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Why Evangelicals are Trump's strongest travel-ban supporters
When President Trump released the first version of his executive order placing a temporary ban on immigrants from seven Muslim “countries of concern” in January, Ernie Sanders gave the president his full support.
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Mattis' Pentagon pick seen as supporter of Muslim Brotherhood, group Trump may outlaw
President Trump’s defense secretary wants the Pentagon’s top civilian job to go to a onetime prominent supporter of ousted Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood, a group Trump may designate as a terrorist organization.
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Republican Health Care Plan: Coercion And Redistribution
The Affordable Care Act was based on government coercion of individuals and redistribution of wealth. So, too, is the Republican plan to "replace" it.
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Resurrecting Dead People Using Stem Cells Given The Green Light
Scientists are getting ethical permission from health watchdogs to resurrect dead people by using a combination of regeneration therapies. Starting this year, the groundbreaking Project Reanima will primarily use stem cells to stimulate the regrowth of neurons in clinically dead patients.
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Daylight saving time may be killing you
Moving the clock ahead one hour this weekend for daylight saving time is saving energy for the conservation fight, but it's also leading to more depression and heart attacks, making it hazardous to your health.
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Never-before-seen gatherings of hundreds of Humpback Whales
In a mysterious change to their normal behaviour, humpback whales are forming massive groups of up to 200 animals. Humpbacks aren’t normally considered to be terribly social.
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Restaurant Tells American Legion Officers to Remove Vests
American Legion officers say they were told they weren't permitted to wear their affiliated jackets at a Dave & Buster's in Michigan because they showed evidence of gang affiliation.
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BREAKING: ‘Obamagate’ Blows Wide Open As WikiLeaks Releases Obama’s ‘Victim List’
Ever since the Trump got into office, there has been a concerted effort on the part of Barack Obama to take him down.
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