Monday, March 06, 2017

Show Notes 03-03-2017

Friday Show 3-3-17

British Surrender Fort Sackville to American Militiamen After 2-Day Siege
During the American War for Independence many small-scale operations contributed to the final victory of American arms against the British. One of those small victories took place in what was once called the "Northwest Territory."
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Florida could flip burden of proving 'stand your ground'
Florida's "stand your ground" law, a source of contention for years, could soon provide even more protection to people who invoke it. Some lawmakers want to make prosecutors prove a defendant wasn't acting in self-defense before proceeding to trial.
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Lead ammo now OK for national parks, public lands
Ryan Zinke, in one of his first acts as the newly seated secretary of Interior, overturned a much-hated and twelfth-hour Barack Obama-era ban on lead ammunition in national parks and wildlife refuges.
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Conservatives Fight to Stop ‘Obamacare Lite’
The draft repeal of the Affordable Care Act is already so controversial — with Republicans — that it is being held in a “secure location.” And even Republican senators are barred from seeing it by GOP leadership.
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Abuse survivor quits pope's panel over Vatican stonewall
Frustrated by what she described as Vatican stonewalling, an Irish woman who was sexually abused by clergy quit her post Wednesday on a panel advising Pope Francis about how to protect minors from such abuse.
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