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Show Notes 12-30-2016

Friday Show 12-30-16

Obama 'setting world on fire' on way out the door
“In his waning days in the White House,” the paper continued, “President Obama is desperately trying to make his policies as permanent as possible by tying the hands of his successor,” by presenting President-elect Donald Trump “with a foreign-policy crisis immediately upon taking office.”
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Deported Immigrants Get Taxpayer-Funded Grants From Obama Administration
The Obama administration is using a taxpayer-funded program to award business grants to Salvadoran migrants deported from the United States.
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The Enemy Within: Bribes Bore a Hole in the U.S. Border
In 2012, Joohoon David Lee, a federal Homeland Security agent in Los Angeles, was assigned to investigate the case of a Korean businessman accused of sex trafficking.
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County Ends ‘Sanctuary’ Policy Before Trump Inauguration
A New York sheriff has announced that it will be reversing its sanctuary policy just ahead of President-Elect Donald Trump’s inauguration.
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'America has elected a con artist as president': George Soros slams 'would-be dictator' Donald Trump and his 'cabinet of incompetent extremists'
Billionaire financier George Soros lashed out at President-elect Donald Trump on Wednesday, calling him 'a con artist' and a 'would-be dictator' whose election this past November was a 'powerful boost' to the 'forces of disintegration.'
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China Would Outlast U.S. in Trade War, Billion-Dollar Fund Says
China would outlast the U.S. in a trade war, which is a “distinct possibility” next year after President-elect Donald Trump takes office, a commentator wrote in the $1 billion Pine River China Fund’s investor letter.
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China Built a Giant Rooster Statue That Looks Like Donald Trump
The northern Chinese city of Taiyuan erected a giant rooster statue to celebrate the upcoming Year of the Rooster—and it looks suspiciously like a certain President-elect.
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