Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Show Notes 10-01-2016

Saturday Show 10-1-16

Report: Obama Admin Signed Secret Document to Lift U.N. Sanctions on Iranian Banks
The Obama administration signed a secret document to lift United Nations sanctions on two Iranian state banks that were previously blacklisted for their involvement in financing Iran’s ballistic-missile program the same day Tehran released four American prisoners, the Wall Street Journal reported Friday.
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U.N news agency scrubs tweet calling on Americans abroad to 'end Trump'
The United Nations News Centre — the official U.N. news service — tweeted, then quickly pulled, a post that called for "8 million Americans abroad" to "stop Trump."
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Obama appointed Judge lets Internet giveaway to proceed
A federal judge in Texas who was appointed by Barack Obama, George C. Hanks Jr., on Friday refused to delay the president’s planned giveaway of U.S. oversight of a key piece of the Internet, setting up the transfer when a critical contract expires heading into the weekend.
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Obama buries US city in refugees is now fighting back
The latest flashpoint in the growing backlash against refugee resettlement is Fargo, North Dakota, where the city commission is demanding a full accounting of the program’s costs.
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China's quest to buy up global supply of donkeys halted by African nations
A number of African countries have banned China from buying their donkeys, saying demand for the four-legged creatures has become unsustainable. Niger announced a ban on the export of donkeys this month after trade of the animals increased by three times in the last year, mainly to Asian countries.
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Duke offers men a 'safe space' to contemplate their 'toxic masculinity'
Duke University is famous for its science and engineering programs, as well as its dominance in college basketball. Now, it may also become known as a great place for men to gather and contemplate why they’re such horrible people.
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University of Kansas students berate, scream at conservative classmates in obscene tirade
Students from the Young America’s Foundation at Kansas University made good on their promise to continue to pursue dialogue with the campus’s social justice warriors.
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Students disciplined for wearing KKK garb in school
Pasco County Schools Superintendent Kevin Browning said Thursday that he wasn't buying the three students' claims that they were dressed up as ghosts during Wiregrass Ranch High School's "spirit week." They wore pointed hats and their faces were covered.
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New combat vehicle that swims for Marine Corps
A new combat vehicle that swims for the Marine CorpsUnveiled this week at the Modern Day Marine, the Amphibious Combat Vehicle, or the ACV 1.1, was created by BAE Systems and IVECO Defence. The vehicle combines a high degree of protection with amphibious and land capabilities.
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