Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Show Notes 08-30-2016

Tuesday Show 8-30-16

Anti-Terrorism Training Attended By San Diego Sheriff’s Deputies Draws Criticism
The San Diego County Sheriff's Department this week sent deputies to a two-day symposium intended to prepare law enforcement officers for Islamic terrorist attacks.
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Caught between two allies, US makes a clear choice
For much of the Syrian civil war the United States has been walking one particularly fine line.It’s the one between Turkey and the Syrian Kurds. For the US, Turkey is a problematic but crucial NATO ally and a bridge between Europe and the East.
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General Says Obama & Clinton Ignored Reports on the Middle East
Because President Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton wanted to maintain a “happy narrative” concerning the Middle East, they ignored reports from Lieutenant General Mike Flynn and did not make changes on how they handled radical Islamic terrorist groups.
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Oregon fair generates buzz
Living marijuana plants went on display last week at the Oregon State Fair, with organizers saying it's the first state fair in the nation to allow cannabis for public viewing.
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Ten Immigration Questions for Hillary Clinton
Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has not been asked to detail her positions on a variety of immigration-related issues.
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State Dept. to foreigners: Here's where free money
The poorest and least literate segments of Guatemala are about to get an education on labor and health-care entitlements they can pursue in the U.S., thanks to a media bombardment that the Obama administration is planning in that Central American nation.
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Eating a Mediterranean diet is better for the heart than taking Statins
Mediterranean diet better for the heart than taking statins, major study suggests
A Mediterranean diet could be better than statins at reducing the risk of an early death for millions of Britons, research suggests.
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