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Show Notes 08-23-2016

Tuesday Show 8-23-16

The real story behind “Don't give up the ship”
In 1804, Captain Lawrence was second-in-command of an expedition to destroy the captured frigate USS Philadelphia held in Tripoli’s harbor. Lawrence also commanded the USS Enterprise which fought gunboat battles with Muslim pirates.
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1,690-Page ‘Climate Change’ Reg Increases Cost of Tractor-Trailer Up to $15,119
The Environmental Protection Agency and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration jointly issued a new regulation last week that is meant to help protect the world from "climate change" by limiting “greenhouse gas emissions” and improving fuel efficiency in medium- and heavy-duty vehicles operated in the United States.
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Police: Man, 91, shoots suspected robber in Eastpointe
A 91-year-old concealed pistol license holder shot a man who was attempting to rob him Monday in Eastpointe, according to police.
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Andrea Tantaros Sues Fox News, Ensnares Bill O’Reilly, Scott Brown, and Others
The latest sexual-harassment lawsuit against Fox News and deposed CEO Roger Ailes alleges that the network’s executives actively retaliated against on-air personality Andrea Tantaros after she repeatedly complained about inappropriate conduct in the workplace.
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Planned Parenthood Clinic in Wisconsin Permanently Closes
A Planned Parenthood clinic in Appleton, Wis., is permanently shutting down due to an inability to meet proper security standards, Planned Parenthood officials said Monday.
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Judge Rules Funeral Home Can Fire Transgender Employee for Violating Dress Code
U.S. District Judge Sean Cox ruled on Thursday that a Michigan funeral home may abide by sincerely held religious beliefs in maintaining a dress code that requires its employees to dress according to their biological sex and not their “gender identity.”
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Have Scientists Found Another Earth?
Researchers have discovered the possibility of another earthlike planet that could sustain life. German news outlet Der Spiegel first broke the story, saying the European Southern Observatory found a previously unknown neighboring planet that could contain water.
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Sprawling Blue Cut Wildfire in California Spied by NASA Satellites
As a wildfire blazes through a mountain pass in Southern California, two NASA satellites were able to snap photos of the smoke from space.
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