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Show Notes 08-04-2016

Thursday Show 8-4-16

Clinton One Day After Benghazi: ‘We Know That the Attack … Had Nothing to Do With the Film’
In their "Additional Views" supplement to the House Select Committee on Benghazi report, Reps. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) and Mike Pompeo (R-Kansas) conclude that "the administration misled the public about the Benghazi attack," which occurred on Sept. 11, 2012.
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Police shootings strike nerve among Marine Vets
Back-to-back attacks on police in Texas and Louisiana by former military men have touched a nerve among veterans who traditionally share a close bond with law enforcement.
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Sharing Military Health Records Between VA and DOD Won’t Work, VA Official Says
A top IT official from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) told Congress that the VA is currently unable to maintain military health records on one system shared by the Department of Defense (DOD).
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Expert on Military Readiness: ‘Geriatric Air Force’ Is ‘Least Ready in History’
A military expert said on Friday that the United States Air Force’s readiness is at stake because of aging equipment, decades of engagement and a lack of effort to modernize the country’s military.
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Twitter stock plunges as Conservatives purged
The social networking giant Twitter is facing serious problems as it is reporting disappointing earnings to stockholders even as it struggles to grow, or even maintain, its user base.
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Libertarian Candidates Expose Themselves as Anti-Trump Shills for Hillary Clinton
Libertarian Party presidential nominee Gary Johnson and his running mate William Weld exposed themselves as shills for Democrat Hillary Clinton during an extensive primetime town hall with CNN’s Anderson Cooper.
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'Socialist experiment' Venezuela in ruins as soldiers delete videos of 12-hour food queues
VENEZUELANS face 12-hour queues for food as the Latin American nation’s economic and political crisis has lead to a severe shortage of essential resources.
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Feds Spend Over $2M for ‘Developing an Eastern Broccoli Industry’
Over $2 million in taxpayer funds are going to “Developing an Eastern Broccoli Industry” through a U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Grant. “Eastern consumers' demand for local broccoli is high, but that demand cannot be met until sufficiently adapted varieties are available and the distribution network is expanded,” the non-technical summary for the project explains.
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