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Show Notes 07-14-2016

Thursday Show 07-14-16

East Coast fishermen spar with federal government over cost of at-sea monitors
Every year, the federal government spends millions monitoring New England commercial fishermen to ensure they ply their timeless maritime trade in accordance with the law.
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Road trip America: A journey inside the mind of Millennials
The sight of the colossal “press play” sign outside the YouTube facility in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Playa Vista stirs up feelings of finality.
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New Black Panther Party plans to bring guns to GOP convention if law allows
Members of the controversial "black power" group the New Black Panther Party plan to pack legal heat when they hold rallies in Cleveland in conjunction with next week's Republican convention if the law allows, the group's chairman said.
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Rep. Crowley.: ‘Thorough Background Checks’ Would Deny Guns to Those ‘Who Have Criminal Thoughts’
Democratic Caucus Vice-Chair Rep. Joe Crowley (D-N.Y.) says that “thorough background checks” for gun purchases would lead law enforcement to deny guns to those with “criminal thoughts.”
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Gun Homicides in U.S. Down 40% from 1993 to 2014; Lowest Rate in 34 Years
The number of homicides committed with a firearm in the United States in 2014 was 10,945, according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s report on its final data on deaths in this county for that year, which was released on June 30.
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Here's proof that diet soda can make you hungrier
Did you hear that? That was the collective shriek of diet-soda drinkers after reading about the latest study linking artificial sweeteners to hunger.
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Lifting Weights? No Need to Go Heavy
You don't need to feel wimpy for lifting little weight at the gym: A new study finds that lifting light weights is just as effective as lifting heavy ones for building muscle.
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Hague rejects China's S. China Sea claim: how it could shape future disputes
An international court in The Hague sharply rebuked China Tuesday, rejecting its claims of control over a broad swath of the South China Sea in a case that will be closely watched for its influence on future negotiations over disputed areas.
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