Friday, June 17, 2016

Show Notes 06-16-2016

Thursday Show 06-16-16

Cops catch Islamic refugee at US border with gas pipeline plans
In an eerie development on concerns about Islamic terrorism, New Mexico police have apprehended an illegal Middle Eastern woman in possession of the region’s gas pipeline plans.
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Coulter Just Handed The ‘GOP Elite’ Their SHRIVELED Nutsack On The ‘MEXICAN Judge’ Issue
Ann Coulter just ripped a new one to the GOP and the race baiter's who are accusing Trump of racism for his comments about the Mexican judge who is handling his Trump U case. Do you think they’re going to respond?
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Obama's FCC Internet takeover would reduce The Internet to a public utility
On Wednesday, the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals upheld President Obama’s so-called “net neutrality” regulations in a 2-1 decision. These are the rules that re-classified the Internet as a “public utility” under a Depression-era law, and leave us on the hook for a massive new tax increase and countless new regulations that are already having a dramatic negative impact on investment.
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So what was the big deal about Lafayette's Help
Born Sept. 6, 1757, his father died before he was two years old and his mother died when he was 12, leaving him to inherit their fortune. At 14 years old, he joined the French military and, at age 16, became a captain.
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Unalienable rights
Things which are not in commerce, as public roads, are in their nature unalienable. Some things are unalienable, in consequence of particular provisions in the law forbidding their sale or transfer, as pensions granted by the government. The natural rights of life and liberty are UNALIENABLE. Bouviers Law Dictionary 1856 Edition.
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Millennials are abandoning restaurants for an unexpected place
Millennials are giving rise to a new concept: the "grocerant." More and more grocery stores are morphing into "grocerants" and devoting a larger part of their stores to prepared foods in a bid to attract more millennials.
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