Monday, June 13, 2016

Show Notes 05-11-2016

Saturday Show 05-11-16

Newly disclosed CDC  lab incidents fuel concerns over safety and transparency
Encased in spacesuit-like gear needed to protect them from the world’s deadliest viruses, four scientists at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention stepped into their lab’s decontamination chamber where a shower of chemicals was supposed to kill anything on them and make it safe for them to exit into an adjacent changing room.
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CDC warns of Zika virus, downplays refugee TB
Zika virus. The name is in headline news as the latest threat to our health. World Health Organization (WHO) officials declare it a “Public Health Emergency.” The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) published an alarming map showing cases diagnosed in the U.S.
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The U.S. Supreme Court this week handed victory to another private-property owner in a long series of fights against federal regulators, essentially overturning a lower court’s decision that gave a totalitarian power to the government to impose use regulations on private land – and prevent the owners from appealing.
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Appeals court rules no Constitutional right to carry concealed guns
A federal appeals court in San Francisco ruled Thursday that people do not have a Second Amendment right to carry concealed weapons in public, in a sweeping decision likely to be challenged by gun-rights advocates.
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