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Show Notes 05-15-2016

Sunday Show 05-15-16

U.S. Has Lost 191,000 Mining Industry Jobs Since September 2014
The United States has lost approximately 191,000 jobs in the mining industry since September 2014 including approximately 7,000 that were lost in April, according to data published today by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
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Right-Wing Hindus in India Are Calling Donald Trump the ‘Lone Protector of Mankind’
At a campaign rally in Delaware three weeks ago, presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump chose to attack American outsourcing by affecting a cruel caricature of an Indian accent, to the delight of his supporters.
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Wendy’s moves to self-service ordering as minimum wage rises
Investor’s Business Daily reported Wednesday that fast food chain Wendy’s will be expanding the use of self-service kiosks in response to the rising minimum wage: Wendy’s said that self-service ordering kiosks will be made available across its 6,000-plus restaurants in the second half of the year as minimum wage hikes and a tight labor market push up wages.
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ICE Agent Commits Suicide in NYC; Leaves Note Revealing Gov't Plans to Round-up & DISARM Americans During Economic & Bank Collapse
After writing a lengthy suicide note exposing terrifying plans the government has for American citizens, a US Customs Agent walked onto a pier in NYC and blew his brains out.
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Hidden Microphones Exposed As Part of Government Surveillance Program In The Bay Area
Hidden microphones that are part of a clandestine government surveillance program that has been operating around the Bay Area has been exposed. Imagine standing at a bus stop, talking to your friend and having your conversation recorded without you knowing.  It happens all the time, and the FBI doesn’t even need a warrant to do it.
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They can take away our Troops but not our Patriotism
The U.S. Army has the fewest number of active duty soldiers since WWII, at 479,172 which is more than 16,500 troops less than last year. The plan, which was unveiled last July, is to get the number of active soldiers down to 460,000 by 2017 and 450,000 by the end of 2018.
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Crowds line street to honor Us Navy Officer
Crowds of supporters, including retired Navy officers and families, lined the streets of the Southern California military town of Coronado on Friday to honor the Navy SEAL shot and killed by Islamic State fighters in Iraq.
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Shoot don't shoot: rules of engagement confuse US forces
Despite heavy redactions in a 700-page Pentagon report that addresses continued confusion among U.S. special operators in Afghanistan on the rules of engagement, a Pentagon spokesman brushed off questions, saying the ROEs are as “clear as they can be right now for those forces,” according to a new report in Joseph Farah’s G2 Bulletin.
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Syrian refugees sneaked into communities nationwide
About 100 Syrian refugees are being placed in a small city in Vermont, the home of socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders, and they are not getting an altogether warm welcome. In fact, when some residents of Rutland, Vermont, found out about the secretly negotiated deal to seed their community with migrants from a Middle Eastern hotbed of Sunni radicalism, they were livid.
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