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Show Notes 04-10-2016

Sunday Show 04-10-16

LeVar Burton: ‘It was time’ to remake ‘Roots’
LeVar Burton was initially skeptical of remaking "Roots," the groundbreaking miniseries that launched his career in 1977. But Burton, who played a young Kunta Kinte, overcame those concerns after seeing the educational value in helping the new generation of Americans better relate to the plight of slaves and African-American history.
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Christians occupy Washington in sacred assembly
In a powerful, electrified gathering, pastors and Christian leaders assembled at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C. on Saturday to pray for our nation in a “solemn assembly” of unity.
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Major hotel CEO: “anti-gay laws are not ok”
In first-person opinion piece on CNBC, Sorenson wrote: “I was asked to join a group of American business leaders and CEOs in opposing North Carolina’s HB2, a bill passed recently that sanctions LGBT discrimination across that state.
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Saudi columnist and television anchor Nadine Al-Budair harshly criticized Muslims in the Arab world as “hypocrites” for failing to admit terrorism does not represent their faith. She said it was time for Muslims to own up to elements of their faith that encourage followers to commit terrorist attacks.
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“Christianity of course is under attack in this nation,” Chumley said in an interview. “If you dispute that, then you’re just not paying attention to what’s going on, and you have your head in the sand. If you look anywhere in the news on a daily basis, you will see examples of Christianity under attack.”
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HUD’s Proposed RV Rule Causes an Uproar as RV Sales Hit 39-Year High
In February, as sales of recreational vehicles (RVs) hit a 39-year high with 35,929 units sold, the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) published a proposed rule in The Federal Register to revise the definition of an RV as “designed only for recreational use and not as a primary residence or for permanent occupancy.”
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First in 3 decades: US deploys B-52 bombers to Qatar to bomb ISIS
American B-52 Stratofortress bombers have been sent for their first Middle East operational deployment since the 1991 Gulf War 26 years ago. The aircraft are flying from Qatar to bomb Islamic State targets. An undisclosed number of B-52s have arrived at the Al Udeid Air Base on Sunday, the US Air Force said.
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All Three Zumwalt Class Destroyers to Be Assigned to Pacific: Carter
All three of the new Zumwalt class of stealthy destroyers -- the Zumwalt currently undergoing trials and two others yet to be built -- will be assigned to the Pacific as part of the rebalance of U.S. forces to the region to promote stability and counter China, Defense Secretary Ashton Carter said Friday.
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History of the Panama Canal
The idea of creating a water passage across the isthmus of Panama to link the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans dates back to at least the 1500s, when King Charles I of Spain tapped his regional governor to survey a route along the Chagres River.
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Panama Canal expansion faces a new problem: Not enough water
The $6.9-billion expansion of the Panama Canal might have overcome leaks, labour disputes and financial hurdles, but appears to have run into a mightier foe: Mother Nature.
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