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Show Notes 03-06-2016

Sunday Show 03-6-16

US dispatches destroys to South China Sea amid tensions
The United States, in a show of force aimed at confronting China’s rising aggression, dispatched an aircraft carrier and five escort ships, including destroyers, to the South China Sea, military officials said Friday.
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Mushers heading to Willow Alaska for start of Iditarod
The relaxed atmosphere surrounding the world's most famous sled dog race is about to become a memory. Mushers were making their way to Willow, Alaska, on Sunday, for the competitive start of the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race.
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Spain seizes 20,000 ISIS military uniforms
Police and port inspectors in Spain said they discovered an estimated 20,000 military uniforms likely destined for ISIS and al-Qaida terrorists at spots in Syria and Iraq that were hidden within containers labeled as second-hand clothing.
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Virginia firefighters suspended for transporting girl to hospital in fire engine
Two Virginia volunteer firefighters were suspended for transporting an 18-month-old girl to the hospital in a fire engine last Saturday, ultimately saving her life.
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The Savagely Anti-Catholic Sitcom
When Disney and ABC decided to make a sitcom based on the teenage years of hate mongering homosexual "Savage Love" advice columnist Dan Savage, anyone could guess this was going to be a religion-bashing extravaganza.
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Bill: Florida churches don’t have to do same-sex weddings
Florida law will specify that churches can't be forced to marry same-sex couples under a bill the Legislature send to Gov. Rick Scott on Thursday. Scott's office said he'll sign the measure, which opponents say isn't necessary and is simply an overreaction to the U.S. Supreme Court decision legalizing gay marriage.
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It appears that in some parts of the world, prayers have legit market value. For example, a church in Russia is getting away with a $11,500 debt by promising to pray for the good health of the creditors instead.
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UN sexual abuse: more allegations, more bureaucratic process in Ban's latest report
United Nations personnel, including peacekeepers in 10 UN missions around the world, were embroiled in 99 new allegations of sexual exploitation and/or abuse last year—nearly one-quarter more than in 2014, according to the latest edition of an annual report  on the ugly issue unveiled by UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon.
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Graham rips "wicked and filthy transgenger ordinance
A state lawmaker in North Carolina is warning that the city of Charlotte has blown privacy to “smithereens” and the speaker of the state House says there’s support for a special legislative session to correct that.

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Immigration activists vow to fight for ID cards after Wisconsin legislators pass bill banning them
Immigrants' rights supporters lost a key battle to get ID cards for people who are living in the U.S. illegally when the Wisconsin Legislature passed a bill to ban counties issuing such cards, but activists say they're not giving up the fight.
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