Friday, November 13, 2015

Show Notes 11-12-15

Thursday show 11-12-15

Obama administration: Transgender boys must be allowed to shower with girls at school
When it rains it pours. This morning Howard Portnoy wrote about a landmark referendum vote in Houston to repeal that city’s LGBT-friendly Houston Equal Rights Ordinance, or HERO.
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School to homeschoolers: Sign up or face criminal charges
Read more at number of homeschool parents in Florida have been ordered by a public school district to register their children in classes within three days or face “criminal prosecution” under state law.
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U.S. state draws line in sand against Islamization
A third South Carolina county has barred the door to any Third World refugees being resettled in their community, and at least two others are considering the same move.
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‘Free the Nipple’ is so yesterday; meet campaign advocating female bottomlessness
Back in the day, people who were squeamish about mothers breastfeeding in public were denounced as prudish. When a new generation of women came along and demanded “topless equality”  — the right to walk around bare-breasted in public — the prudish label was dropped in favor of sexist.
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Fema can't account for up to $456 million in Sandy fuel funds
The Federal Emergency Management Agency can’t adequately account for more than 70 percent of the money spent on fuel for New York in the aftermath of superstorm Sandy, a federal audit released on Friday found.
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New Temple Mount restrictions: no feeding babies
Jewish visitors to the Jerusalem's Temple Mount - the holiest site in Judaism - have long been subject to a list of restrictions demanded by Muslim authorities.
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$134,730 NIH-Funded Study Explores ‘Risk of Obesity in Food-Insecure Children’
The National Institutes of Health awarded $134,730 in taxpayer funding to the University of California San Francisco to understand the “risk of obesity in food-insecure children.
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