Friday, October 16, 2015

Show Notes 10-15-15

Thursday show 10-15-15

25 questions that we should demand be answered by our leaders
Our governments from municipal to federal have grown exponentially since our country’s founding. That growth is not just in quantity but also in percent of population.
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Muslim refugees overrun hospital, stab doctors and yet no media coverage
A friend in Prague has a friend, who, as a retired physician, had returned to work at a Munich area hospital where they needed an anesthesiologist. I correspond with her and she forwarded me her email. Yesterday, at the hospital we had a meeting about how the situation here and at the other Munich hospitals is unsustainable.
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Massive partial list of Palestinian attacks in just 5 days
Since the latest round of Palestinian violence against Israelis began escalating about two weeks ago, dubbed the “wave of terror,” there have been scores of attacks throughout the country each day.
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Administration Responds to Attacks on Israelis by Calling on ‘Both Sides’ to Decrease Tensions
A State Department spokesman on Tuesday declined to “assign blame” for what he called “the cycle of violence that’s currently taking place” in Israel and the disputed territories.
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Feds target rancher after family worked land over 70 years
Harrold, Texas, cattle rancher Ken Aderholt and his family have worked the same land since 1941 – and now the federal government says it never belonged to them.
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Just when we thought the state of immigration enforcement couldn't get any worse, we get two new reports this week that demonstrate decline even more.
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Cuomo paid state workers to fill seats at climate speech
Gov. Andrew Cuomo wasn’t taking any chances that there might be empty seats at a speech he delivered last week on climate change — so state workers were summoned on the taxpayer dime to fill the audience, The Post has learned.
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