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Show Notes 08-27-15

Thursday show 08-27-15

Florida gun range add restaurant, alcohol
Daytona Beach Florida city commissioners have given approval to an indoor shooting range that includes a restaurant that sells alcoholic beverages.
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Gun rights advocate: “We don't have a gun problem we don't teach respect for life
Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe (D) was calling for new gun control laws on Wednesday, even before the man who killed a reporter and cameraman on live television was in custody.
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Happy National Toilet Paper Day!
The only time you think about toilet paper may be when there's a two for one deal in the grocery store, but now, like all things, there's a day devoted to TP.
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White House proclaims today women equality day
The White House is declaring Wednesday Women’s Equality Day to mark 95 years since women won the right to vote under the 19th Amendment.
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National dog day
Although we have been celebrating National Dog Day on August 26th for the last 11 years, this year it was brought to our attention that National Dog Day was drawing focus away from Women's Equality Day.
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China's ownership of US government debt peaked in 2013
Although entities in mainland China remained the largest foreign owners of U.S. government debt, according to the latest data published by the U.S.
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Defense official: China grabs 50 percent more land through man made islands
China has built up and reclaimed even more land in the South China Sea than previously thought -- with an archipelago of man-made islands now spanning 2,900 acres, according to a new Pentagon report released Friday.
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Higher Learning: Colorado county mulls scholarship pot tax
Talk about higher learning. A Colorado county may create the world's first public college scholarship program funded with marijuana money. Pueblo County is considering a 5 percent excise tax on marijuana growers, with half the proceeds designated to a scholarship fund that boosters say would be the first of its kind.
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HHS spending 42 million to preserve Native American languages
Health and Human Secretary Sylvia Burwell announced last week that the agency is spending $4.2 million in “funding awards” to “enhance native language revitalization efforts.”
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Mormons keep affiliation to Boy Scouts despite gay leaders
The Mormon church announced Wednesday it will maintain its longtime affiliation with the Boy Scouts despite the organization's decision to allow gay troop leaders — preventing what would have been a thundering blow to the national association.
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