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Show Notes 08-20-2015

Thursday show 08-20-15

A Fighting Force
Since the Air Force Nurse Corps emerged from the Army Nurse Corps in July 1949, Air Force nursing service personnel have excelled in providing dedicat- ed care to their customers.
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Army kicking out decorated Green Beret who stood up for Afgan rape victim 
The U.S. Army is kicking out a decorated Green Beret after an 11-year Special Forces career, after he got in trouble for shoving an Afghan police commander accused of raping a boy and beating up his mother when she reported the incident.
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Army dog reunited with handler after being abandoned 
It has been almost four years since U.S. Army Specialist Tyler Roberts has seen a teammate he spent every day with while serving in Afghanistan. That changed Wednesday night.
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Half of critical positions open at some VA hospitals
One in three jobs are vacant at nine of the nation’s regional Veterans Affairs health care systems, leaving veterans waiting weeks to get care.
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Greek prime minister says he is resigning, calls for early elections 
Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras announced Thursday that he will resign, clearing the way for elections next month as Greece deals with its ongoing debt crisis. Tspiras made the announcement Thursday night, as the country began tapping into a new bailout deal meant to ensure its financial future.
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Planned Parenthood honors journalists amid near blackout over undercover videos
Journalists may be ignoring the firestorm surrounding a series of damning undercover Planned Parenthood videos, but the beleaguered abortion provider is not turning its back on the fourth estate.
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For Nevada pot businesses, it's not all money in the bank 
With one medical marijuana dispensary open in Sparks and another opening before the end of the month in Reno, marijuana establishments are gaining traction in Nevada.
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 NPR Reports on Illegal Aliens Who ‘Identify As Americans’
A reporter with National Public Radio said on Thursday that young men living in the United States illegally “identify as Americans" because they have been in the country since they were children.
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