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Show Notes 08-02-2015

Sunday show 08-02-15

Former abortion clinic owner: “We pushed sex-ed to create a market for abortion”
As reported by The Catholic Register, Everett earned a commission for every abortion in addition to a share of the fees charged by each clinic. She says she sold abortion and made big bucks off of the “cash cow” of abortion.
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Hundreds rally to support Confederate flag at Stone Mountain Memorial
On Saturday, hundreds upon hundreds of people from Georgia arrived at Stone Mountain, the nation’s largest Confederate memorial, to show their support for the Confederate flag
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Soldier Asked to Produce ID for Cigarette Purchase — but Clerk’s Alleged Response to Seeing It Had Him in ‘Shock’
Collin Brown walked into a 7-Eleven in Redmond, Washington, last Wednesday and got himself a Slurpee. He also was looking to get cigarettes for his fiancee, so when the clerk asked Brown for proof of age, the Army reservist placed his military ID — which has his birthdate on the back and is a legal form of identification — on the counter.
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Obamas TPP trade deal hits the wall
President Obama’s hopes for a globalist pact integrating economies on four continents ran aground in Hawaii on Friday. Trade negotiators from 12 nations announced Friday they failed to reach a deal on the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership, TPP.
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Student's stunning plea: Why did NYC let me graduate high school?
Melissa Mejia, 18, was stunned and embarrassed when officials at William Cullen Bryant HS in Long Island City, Queens, told her she had met all the requirements to receive a diploma in June.
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More parents turn to homeschooling
The National Catholic Register reports that recent data from the U.S. Department of Education shows explosive growth in homeschooling among American families, particularly in the last 10 years, when the number of students between the ages of 5 and 17 went from 1.09 million in 2003 to 1.77 million in 2012.
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Obama will impose unprecedented emissions controls US power plants
Aiming to jolt the rest of the world to action, President Barack Obama moved ahead Sunday with even tougher greenhouse gas cuts on American power plants, setting up a certain confrontation in the courts with energy producers and Republican-led states.
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Builders forced to purchase art to receive permits
A new program adopted by the city of Oakland, Calif., to force builders to fund projects by artists who are chosen by the city is being challenged in federal court, where the builders have filed a lawsuit alleging violations of the Constitution’s First and Fifth Amendments.
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EXCLUSIVE: Orthodox Jewish tenants at LeFrak City suing for discrimination over building’s new electronic keys – which they can’t use on Sabbath
Orthodox Jewish tenants at LeFrak City in Queens claim they are being discriminated against because newly installed lobby doors only open with an electronic key — which they cannot use on the Sabbath, a federal lawsuit alleges.
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Obama gives illegals massive health care plane
The level of health-care services provided to illegal aliens is about to get a huge boost from the Obama administration, which is hiring contractors to provide the equivalent of 5.5 million additional labor hours of treatment to detainees.
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