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Sunday Show Notes 07-12-2015

Sunday show 7/12/15

Man who entered US illegally arrested in Michigan on kidnapping, sexual assault charges
An illegal Mexican immigrant allegedly kidnapped a 13-year-old girl from her Florida home last week and sexually abused her before police located the pair in Michigan, Fox 28 reported.
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It's showtime for Pluto; prepare to be amazed by NASA flyby
Pluto, reveal thyself, and Earthlings, enjoy the show. On Tuesday, NASA's New Horizons spacecraft will sweep past Pluto and present the previously unexplored world in all its icy glory.
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At UN Rights Council, Don’t Use the Word ‘Genocidal’ in Reference to Palestinian Terrorists
The president of the UN Human Rights Council took issue this week with the use by a non-governmental organization representative of the term “genocidal killers” to describe Palestinian terrorists, but Venezuela’s representative was not reprimanded from the chair when he called Israel’s offensive against Hamas last year a “genocidal attack.”
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UNESCO Backs Muslim Narrative on Jerusalem’s Temple Mount
A key committee of the United Nations cultural agency adopted a resolution this week whose language implicitly endorses the legend underpinning Islam’s claim to the Western Wall of the Temple Mount -- the assertion that Mohammed tied his winged steed there while en route from Mecca to heaven.
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Citizen Chases Down, Shoots, Captures Bank Robber
A Pennsylvania gun owner was at the right place at the right time this morning, and helped put a bad guy in jail. A suspect in a Hatboro bank robbery was chased down and shot by a witness before being taken into custody Wednesday morning, police said.
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Chicago Gun Control Activists File Harassment Lawsuit Against Neighboring Towns
A coalition of gun control supporters in Chicago have filed a lawsuit against the surrounding communities of Lyons, Riverdale, and Lincolnwood for not infringing deeply enough on the rights of citizens who want to purchase firearms.
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Maine Drops Concealed Carry Permitting Scheme, Joins “Constitutional Carry” States
Maine is the latest state to do away with concealed carry permitting, and will now join five other states that have so-called “constitutional carry” of concealed handguns.
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How American engineers are helping drive robotics innovation
Last month, robotics experts from around the world travelled to Pomona, California to compete in the DARPA Robotics Challenge (DRC), a contest where semi-autonomous humanoid robots have to perform various obstacles, such as driving vehicles, cutting holes with power tools, and opening car doors, all without falling down. While these are everyday feats we humans take for granted, programming a robot to accomplish these things is apparently no walk in the park.
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