Monday, January 20, 2014

Show Notes 01/16/2014

Thursday Show 1/16/14

Not looking good: coal workers see future dim amid regulation pressure
Far below the Appalachian Mountains, in a space barely big enough to stand up straight, Bobby Combs works a job his father and his grandfather worked.

Gunman and two others dead in shooting at an Indiana grocery store
Employees at an Indiana grocery store helped lead terrified customers outside as a gunman prowled around the aisles Wednesday night, shooting and killing two people before he was taken out by police, authorities say.

Crime study: No rise in mass shootings despite media hype
Media hype about mass shootings in America has fostered a myth that the killings are on the rise and that an assault weapon ban, expanded background checks and greater attention to the mentally ill will curb a rampaging epidemic, according to an authoritative and exhaustive study by a noted criminologist.

Mike Huckabee wants to outlaw the word RINO
RINO: It is a popular acronym among conservatives who ponder political intricacies. “Republican in name only” designates those elected officials or party members whose liberal leanings outshine their conservative values - like favoring big spending or big government, for example.

JC Penny closes 33 stores fires 2000 employees
We saw this coming, ever since JCPenney CEO Ron Johnson’s stupid policy to court homosexuals by hiring Ellen Degeneris to be the family store’s spokeslesbian, and featuring lesbians (two moms) and gay men (two dads) in its Mother’s Day and Father’s Day ads.

China's treasury holdings rose to record in November
China’s holdings of U.S. Treasuries increased $12.2 billion to a record $1.317 trillion in November, data released on the Treasury Department’s website showed.

Queen insects signal worker infertility
For some time, scientists have known that queen insects give off chemical signals that prevent workers from reproducing. When a queen kicks the bucket, the signals wear off, and the workers become fertile again. Now, researchers have found that queen ants, wasps and bumblebees all use a similar type of chemical to signal fertility, which their ancestors evolved millions of years ago.

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