Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Show Notes 10/17/13

Show Thursday 10/17/13

Socdolager: A tale of Davy Crockett
April 9, 2010 by Bob Livingston A "sockdolager" is a knock-down blow. This is a newspaper reporter’s captivating story of his unforgettable encounter with the old "Bear Hunter" from Tennessee. From "The Life of Colonel David Crockett", by Edward S. Ellis (Philadelphia: Porter & Coates, 1884)http://www.personalliberty.com/conservative-politics/liberty/sockdolager-a-tale-of-davy-crockett-charity-and-congress/

Virginia police tracked license plates of people attending political rallies
The American Civil Liberties Union revealed that the Virginia State Police have been targeting citizens who attend political rallies and tracking them via their license plates. Authorities have been using Automatic License Plate Readers (ALPRs) to collect information on peoples political activities.

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