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Show Notes 08/04/2013

Show: Sunday 8/4/13

Lindsey Graham: I Will Run as Conservative in GOP Primary
South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham compared himself to Ronald Reagan when asked about the growing number of Republican challengers seeking to unseat him in his bid for a third term.

Impeachment still and option says GOP Congressman
Earlier this week, Chaffetz was interviewed by the Salt Lake Tribune, and was asked if impeachment were within the realm of possibilities.

Citrus growers use predator wasp to fight disease
The pest is wreaking havoc in Florida’s 32 citrus-growing counties. In California, it’s been detected in nine counties, most of them south of the commercial growing areas in the Central Valley. Farmers are hoping the Tamarixia wasp can help keep it that way.

Competing Currencies in Somalia
For years a debate has raged in monetary economics over the credibility of the theory that a more stable monetary system would emerge were the system to allow for concurrent currencies operating under no legal restrictions.

Kerry to Recognize Same-sex Marriage for Travel Visas
Same-sex married partners seeking U.S. travel visas will now be recognized as legal couples under a new rule put forth by Secretary of State John Kerry, the Advocate reports.

Garden of Eden to become Iraqi national park
THE "Garden of Eden" has been saved, even as chaos grows all around. Last week, amid a wave of bombings on the streets of Baghdad, Iraq's Council of Ministers found time to approve the creation of the country's first national park – the centrepiece of a remarkable restoration of the Mesopotamian marshes in the south of the country.

Christians lose out to atheists for senior jobs as religious people are 'held back from top positions'
Christians are less likely than atheists to be promoted to top jobs, official figures show.
Nearly a quarter of people with no religious belief live in homes headed by someone with a senior executive position or a job in one of the professions.

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