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Show Notes 05/19/2013

Uncooperative Radio Show Notes: Sunday 05/19/2013

WELL REGULATED AMERICAN MILITIAS Recruiter has invited you to the event 'Stand with Colorado Sheriffs: Independence Institute event May 28th in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Time: May 28, 2013 from 6:30pm to 8pm
Location: Freedom Financial Expo Center
Organized By: Independence Institute

Sheriff Joe to Congress: Investigate Obama's eligibility
Hey, while Congress is investigating the use of the IRS to harass conservative activists, is trying to find out what the Obama White House covered up about Benghazi and is looking into why the Justice Department went after reporters’ phone records, why not include a check into Obama’s eligibility, too?

IRS Commissioner on Scandal: ‘We Provided Horrible Customer Service’
Tiberi asked Miller who oversaw Lois Lerner, the woman who worked for Ingram and publically apologized at a recent public event for employees giving greater scrutiny to conservative groups seeking non-profit status.

To boldly go in a Biblical direction
As a film, “Into Darkness” is a summer blockbuster of the best sort, with a clever, laugh-out-loud script, plenty of action, fun and curious characters, a fantastic villain and entertainment value to the max. Especially for Trekkers, I daresay it’s even better than first in this recent reboot of the franchise. Yet even for those not a fan of the original TV series, “Into Darkness” packs plenty of entertainment value for the dollar.

First Lady expands anti obesity campaign museums
First Lady Michelle Obama has expanded her anti-obesity campaign to museums, enlisting them to offer “healthy food options,” and change their menus.

Tactics to improve drug compliance
For months, Lars Osterberg, MD, MPH, struggled with a patient whose blood pressure seemed to fluctuate randomly. The man was on three antihypertensive medications, and Dr. Osterberg was thinking of adding another.

VA lauches overtime surge against backlog
The Department of Veterans Affairs is mandating overtime for claims processors in its regional offices across the country as part of its effort to bring down the backlog that has frustrated hundreds of thousands of veterans and infuriated members of Congress.

Georgia Governor orders bibles returned to State owned parks
When Ed Buckner and his family went to a north Georgia state park to celebrate his son's birthday, he was surprised and concerned to find Bibles in the state-owned cabin he had rented.

Pope Francis answers new calling: Catholic Church ipad app
This apple has nothing to do with Adam. The Catholic Church unveiled a new iPad application this week, intended to keep the faithful abreast of Vatican comings-and-goings, as well as other news from the church’s missions throughout the world.

Ely high school teacher suspended
A Broward reading teacher has been suspended for 13 days without pay after her overly permissive classroom environment led to rampant student misbehavior and students feeling emboldened enough to ask the teacher about her past sexual encounters.

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