Sunday, August 16, 2009

My Health Care Plan

Brian Here:

Just so you know, you are having an affect on congress and the democrats and the LSM attempt to demonize the people, speaking out against the government run health care/public plan notion, has backfired on them. We need to keep up the pressure on our elected cockroaches.

With that said I felt I had to tell you all what I think should be done and not just tear down what they are trying to do now.

IMO, what needs to be addressed, to improve the health care in America, is:

  1. Malpractice lawsuit awards need to be reigned in, the cost of malpractice insurance is way too high and in some states unobtainable.
  2. Portability (your insurance goes with you from job to job),
  3. insurance companies need to be allowed to sell insurance across state lines, adding competition and broadening the insurance pool.
  4. Co-ops need to be created for purchasing insurance by individuals and small businesses.
  5. Requiring, in order to sell health insurance, that the insurance company MUST pay for whatever the doctor and patient decides the treatment is going to be; peer review panels can decide if the doctor is padding after the fact.
  6. Pre-tax contributions to health savings plans (HSA).

If they stuck to this outline they could drastically improve the health care industry and could easily get the bill passed.

What say you?

If you like my plane feel free to pass it around and use it in your correspondence with your elected cockroaches.

Find your elected cockroaches, State and Federal, contact info here.

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