Tuesday, August 04, 2009

ABC: Town Hall Wrath at ObamaCare 'Appears to Be Orchestrated'

From Newsbusters;

ABC framed its Tuesday night story, on citizens using town hall forums held by Members of Congress to express opposition to ObamaCare, around undermining their credibility by asserting the reaction “appears to be orchestrated” and “organized” and thus is forcing the victimized “White House to push back” by “fighting Internet fire with fire.”

It's astounding that finally, "we the People", are standing up against the left wing, socialist way of life and getting "crap" for it. But the "commies" can do everything they want and stand under the flag of free speech. It's a wonderful Life, Yes? Don't back down my conservatives; we have to speak, and speak loud now, or we will loose our freedom.
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