Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Florida ready to unleash 'python posse'

Wow, I miss my first adopted state of Florida, if it wasn't for the heat, humidity, and bugs, Brian and I would still be living there. They are brilliant when it comes to running that state. The laws are common sense, the taxes are fair, and they keep coming up with ways of generating more revenue. I miss the deep South and they people who live there. Good for them, you go Florida!

From USA Today:

Florida is on the verge of unleashing a "python posse" to track down and kill giant snakes on state land, The Miami Herald reports.The paper quotes Rodney Barreto, chairman of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, as saying Gov. Charlie Crist is expected to sign off on the project as early as today.

Barreto says as many as 20 professional trappers could be cleared within a week to go after the snakes, which can grow as long as 20 feet.

I wonder how Python tastes? That's a lot of meat. This just opens up many possibilities for a capitalists. Like, using their skin for boots and wallets. What is their fat content? Do they have any medicinal benefits? And I bet there is going to be tons of hunters from around the country and around the world that will come to Florida to hunt them. Brilliant!!!!

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