Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Is the American Idol Finale Red State vs. Blue State?

It is true what the Uncooperative Radio show host and my husband has always said; "there is politics in every aspect of our lives." Now, this is a good example of how everything can be "made" to be political. I'll let you read and you decide.

From NewsBusters:

The Drudge Report picked up on the New York Daily News pitching tonight's American Idol finale on Fox as a red state vs. blue state battle between Kris Allen of Arkansas and Adam Lambert of California. (As for just how blue Lambert can go, see the Best Week Ever page connected to VH-1, where Lambert's entire face is blue, and his antics are "blue" as well.)

Media outlets like Entertainment Weekly have hinted at Lambert's "flamboyant" appearance -- and rooted for him because of it -- but will Fox be able to handle Lambert in full shock-jock mode? On a show that's been seen as family-friendly?

We will find out tonight if blue or red won. We know who won this last election don't we?
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