Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Flight 1549 passengers get baggage back

What an effort this turned out to be. No one thinks about what happens to everyone's stuff during a disaster. Heck, I had most of my "stored stuff" in a carport on my property and it collapsed under the recent heavy snow fall we had up in the Mountains of Montana. All my stuff is still under it, half of it crushed. I was sick to my stomach when I got home and saw what happened. And that is just extra "stuff" not "stuff" I use everyday.

From USA Today :

It wasn't until after US Airways Flight 1549 had landed in the Hudson River, and passenger Karin Hill was stepping through an emergency exit onto the wing, that it hit her.

"I thought, 'My coat! My purse!' " she recalls. They were both back at seat 18E, where she was sitting Jan. 15 when the jetliner hit birds, destroying its engines and forcing it to ditch in the Hudson.

Then logic returned. "I can't get them," she thought. "I'm not going back there."

The 150 passengers left their belongings behind for the Hudson to claim as they scrambled onto life rafts and rescue boats and the jet sank beneath 50 feet of dirty water.

I need to get these guys to help me recover my "stuff" :)

In a large, complex effort, US Airways (LCC) has with the help of a Texas-based company spent four months recovering, sorting, cleaning and restoring 36,000 passenger belongings pulled from the plane.

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