Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Specter 'Driven Out' of GOP by 'Right Wing' and 'Fringe of Party'

I'm watching the TV show "Fringe" right now, and the commie left and the GOP for that matter wouldn't know "fringe" if it bit them on the butt. Both Parties have sold us out and I say goodbye to bad rubbish. Hezbocrats, they are all, (with a few, very few), Hezbocrats that have subverted the Constitution and could give a rats behind about "we the People". It's time you folks voted your with your head and stopped thinking that if you vote for someone else your throwing your vote away. We have been throwing our votes away for decades. Oh and start local.

From NewsBusters:

The evening newscasts on Tuesday night attributed Senator Arlen Specter's motivation for changing parties to how he realized he wouldn't win the Republican primary in Pennsylvania, but they also, just as they did with Senator Jim Jeffords in 2001, eagerly relayed -- without any challenge -- Specter's spin that, in the words of the TV journalists, he “had been driven out by the right-wing of the Republican Party,” the GOP's “increasingly conservative tilt” and “the fringe of the party.”

What is going on in Pennsylvania? Between voting in this man and Murtha MurthaGeHod, I don't know what your all thinking. Wait your not. Please people, you have two years to change this trend. "The choice is yours."
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