Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Couric's Stem Cell Expert: Dr Who Yearned to Shape Obama's Policy

Susan here, and the experts way in. Oh happy, happy, joy,joy!

From MRC:

Four days after Sanjay Gupta, in the wake of Tom Daschle's withdrawal as HHS Secretary-designate, decided to turn down the Obama administration's offer to become Surgeon General, CBS went to the CNN medical correspondent for expert analysis on the benefits of Obama's decision to allow federal funding of research on embryonic stem cells. (Monday afternoon following Obama's announcement, CNN refrained from putting Gupta on the air. Wolf Blitzer, however, brought him aboard the 6 PM EDT hour of The Situation Room to expound on what Gupta described as the "enthusiasm" and "lot of promise" offered by the administration's reversal of the Bush policy.)

CBS anchor Katie Couric fretted Obama's decision didn't do enough. Referring to a law which "prohibits the creation of embryos simply for the purpose of using their stem cells," Couric worried: "If the ban against using tax dollars for this is not lifted, will it hinder progress?" Gupta assured her there are "plenty of embryos" available. Next, Couric cited how "the only FDA-approved clinical trial for using stem cells involved spinal cord injuries" and wondered: "What other conditions or diseases show the most potential to respond to this kind of therapy?"

Katie is my hero.....NOT! Is there anyone who President Obama has tried to appoint that has 1)paid their taxes, 2)has not had a problem with his agenda or 3)said "yes" then had a tour of their new government departments, got the "this is how it's going to be run" speech and went aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh. Screaming into the night. Yea, let's have a CNN medical correspondent run our country's health. All you people that voted for President Obama, I want to thank you for giving me something and many things to blog about, rail against and continue our radio show. You have two years to fix this.
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