Friday, February 20, 2009

Richard Belzer Unloads a ‘Heil Hannity’ Salute on Fox News

The Left Lame Stream Media is going new, new, bananas!

From NewsBusters:

Sean Hannity invited radical-left actor Richard Belzer to his "Great American Panel" on February 13, and Belzer was hardly returning the honor. After Belzer tried to play professor and suggest that Reaganism was Hobbesian and "antitheticallly opposed" to John Locke and Jefferson, he raised his hand to interrupt, and then decided to offer his other arm in a "Heil Hannity" salute.

Then there's this:

MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann and CNN’s Rick Sanchez both poked fun of Fox News personality Sean Hannity for his on-air commercials for Stanford Coins and Bullion, which is part of the Stanford Financial Group led by Robert Allen Stanford, who has been in the news recently due to charges of fraud. It was the Huffington Post on Wednesday that pointed out the talk show host’s spots for Stanford. Olbermann named Hannity his “Worst Person in the World” on Thursday evening for the radio spots for Stanford.

Now, full disclosure; I listen to Mr. Hannity everyday. He is the nicest conservative talk show host on the air, bar none. Heck my husband is a million times meaner on our little conservative internet radio show then Mr. Hannity could ever be and these wackjob libs are attacking him? People, you voted for lunatic left wing socialist commie bastards and put them in power, which gave the left lame stream media the green light to go nuts.

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