Sunday, February 15, 2009

FX's 'Rescue Me' Will Push 9/11 'Inside Job' Conspiracy

Yes, the Dems are in power; Our President is a cliff dweller; and Hollywood is going to go "new,new, Bananas"!!! Yea, let the party begin:)


“A coming episode of the acclaimed FX drama Rescue Me will tackle what may sound like a far-fetched plot line: that the attacks of Sept. 11 were an 'inside job,'” Brian Stelter reported in the New York Times, noting the ludicrous plot “may represent the first fictional presentation of 9/11 conspiracy theories by a mainstream media company (FX is operated by the News Corporation).”

Yes, News Corp owns Fox News; so all ya reading this need to know that the Internet is the last bastion of truth. But ya still have to swift through the menutia, again it's up to "we the people." Are you up to it?
Thanks to all my readers.

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