Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Pelosi Advocates Greater Government Investment in Banks: ‘Some People Call That Nationalization’

Duhhhh, heil hilter sweeper of the house!

From CNSNews

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, describing the U.S. economy as “dark, darker, darkest,” indicated that further nationalization of American banks may be necessary, although she shied away from using the word “nationalization.”

Pelosi also told ABC’s George Stephanopoulos that investing in food stamps and unemployment insurance would be more effective in stimulating the economy than any tax cut would be.

I am your leader, ha, and you will take my help, ha. You will not resist, ha. You will follow, ha. We will control, we will control!!!!

Asked if it’s a good idea to “have nationalization or partial nationalization of the banks,” Pelosi responded, “Well, whatever you want to call it….If we are going to put money into the banks, we certainly want equity for the American people.

“In other words, if we are strengthening them (the banks), then the American people should get some of the upside of that strengthening. Some people call that nationalization. I'm not talking about total ownership… Now how big that investment becomes is -- would we have ever thought we would see the day when we'd be using that terminology? Nationalization of the banks.”

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