Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Uncooperative Family is under attack

Another update from the Uncooperative Bloggers:

Our neighbor has gone off the deep end and put the cable back up across our driveway with a new lock that we do not have a key to open. And then took his bulldozer and blocked our road; leading to our home. We had to walk in and have been trapped on our property since Tuesday, 11/11/08.

Now let me back track. For those who are not regular readers and/or listeners of our radio show and that do not know that we have been fighting our idiot neighbors since we have moved up here; ya need to read and listen to our previous shows. For those who do; you know that we have not had any problems since May with both our idiots. Yes, I decided to live here so they are our idiots.

Any hooo, after three days, we are free!!! The law came up here, not just the police, but the Chief of Police, the Under Chief of Police, Forest Service Law Enforcement and just Forest Service. We had four officials up here today. Now, ya regulars know we rally against the government 24/7. But if we are paying taxes for these people; then I'm going to use them when I need them.

And they stepped up to the plate and helped us. Our other alterative was death.

Any thoughts?

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