Thursday, September 18, 2008

Palin’s E-Mail Account Hacked, Published on Web Site

I have asked myself this time and time again; why in all that is right with the universe would anyone get into politics? What is happening to Mrs. Palin this election cycle is the reason why we have cockroaches in all branches of the government; not decent, hardworking individuals with integrity and a sense of country first. Read on MacBeth.

From Fox News
In the latest of a series of invasions into Sarah Palin’s personal life, hackers have broken into the Republican vice presidential candidate’s private e-mail account, and a widely read Web site has published screen grabs from it.

An article Wednesday in posts family photos and snapshots of e-mail exchanges the Alaska governor had with colleagues. Gawker says the-email account has since been shut down, but it will leave the images up on its site for all to see.

“Here are the screenshots of the emails saved before the account went dark, along with the contact list. It’s newsworthy and we will not be taking it down!” the site declares.

Rick Davis, campaign manager for John McCain, released a statement calling the publication a “shocking invasion of the governor’s privacy and a violation of law.”
So yet again the American Left/Communists are showing their stripes. Are you all seeing it? Are you all listening? Are you all asking ---why?

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