Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Liberal Media Once Again Sides With Lawbreakers

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In a time when the liberal media should be rejoicing in their impending presidential victory (regardless of which sub-par candidate wins) or focusing on their primary task of campaigning for “Big Brother” Barry Obama, they still get distracted by the perceived unjust treatment of lawbreakers. Both presidential candidates are open-borders, no sovereignty type guys, but apparently the lib media doesn’t think that is good enough. You see, illegal aliens are being caught currently and their sad tales must be told. Imagine the horror that the most recently detained illegals faced, they could not attend the wedding reception for Ellen and “Ally McBeal’s” Nell (the other newsworthy garbage in The San Francisco Chronicle.) Actually, most of the illegals in Iowa probably wouldn’t have made the trip out of “the shadows” to attend the gay (that means happy, right?) couple’s nuptials.

The AP article in the San Francisco Chronicle is heart-wrenchingly headlined, “Small town Iowa struggles after immigration raid.” A gut response might be, “so what?” There is no valid reason for a town to struggle because of an immigration raid. Those that claim otherwise conveniently ignore the most basic fact, illegal is illegal. If there are jobs to be done, they can be done by people that are here “legally”, which means those without the “il” as a prefix to their status. Perhaps the business owners should pay higher wages and subsequently charge more, or perform the tasks themselves… oh shoot, I used common sense there. Forgive me, it is a bad habit of mine.

There is no such thing as a “job (that must be done) that Americans won’t do,” but that doesn’t matter to the liberal AP writer. Here is an excerpt from the tear-jerking assault on enforcement of the law:

For years, even decades, these Mexican and Guatemalan families had called Postville home. Here, in a place first settled by German and Norwegian Lutherans and Irish Catholics more than 150 years ago, Hispanic immigrants were raising children, buying houses, building businesses.

Like the Hasidic Jews who came to the town in 1987 to open the meatpacking plant, and the Eastern Europeans who made up the first band of workers there, the influx of Guatemalans and Mexicans had both buffeted and bolstered this quiet community — until it reached a new cultural equilibrium.

In time, the newcomers became part of the fabric of Postville, which proudly bills itself as “Hometown to the World.” Now, they were clustered in hiding or being herded away in handcuffs by immigration agents.

How do you say “illegal” in Spanish? Apparently the liberals in the media (and the liberal presidential nominees of both major parties) don’t understand the meaning of the English word. Of course, sob stories like this shy away from using the word “illegal” in order to avoid risking reality intruding upon their tales.

What does it say about the liberal media that they wage such a war on behalf of illegal and immoral activities? One thing it says is that Barack Obama is the perfect recipient of their support and free campaign advertising (they call them articles and columns.) I can’t imagine the umbrage these “news” outlets would display if it was discovered that some illegal alien was denied taxpayer funded transportation to an abortion mill (they call them health care facilities) for a taxpayer funded abortion. We would surely and ironically be decried as a racist society for not advancing Margaret Sanger’s goal of eugenics.

I hope the citizens of this great nation that expect our sovereignty to be respected are paying attention. The next president’s term will be difficult for those of us in this category. Both candidates are opposed to the right side of the ilegal immigration and sovereignty issue, so we will have to be vigilant and vocal. We must not allow the open border chief executive and his accomplices in the media to further facilitate the invasion!

**This was a production of The Coalition Against Illegal Immigration (CAII). If you would like to participate, please go to the above link to learn more. Afterwards, email brianbonner90- at-gmail- dot-com and let us know at what level you would like to participate.

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