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Adios, La Cucarachas, Arizona Waves Bye-Bye

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As it has become the favorite entry point for undocumented aliens trying to sneak into the United States, Arizona has become a laboratory for whether a state can single-handedly combat illegal immigration. It can.

It has barred illegal aliens from receiving government services, from winning punitive damages in lawsuits and from posting bail for serious crimes. A new state law shuts down businesses that hire illegal workers. And the sheriff of Maricopa County, which includes Phoenix and three-fifths of the state’s population, dispatches his deputies and volunteer “posses” to search for illegal street vendors and aliens being smuggled through the county.

The campaign has had an effect: Illegal aliens complain it’s impossible to find good work (sob, sob) and are leaving the state.

Businesses that cater to both legal immigrants and illegal aliens report a huge drop in sales. “There used to be so many people they would fight for parking out there,” said Omar Flores, 31, manager of La Mexicana market in western Phoenix. “Now the grocery store is mostly empty.”

Good. You’ve been profiting by aiding and abetting criminals. Now go out of business.

Part of the exodus is the drop in home building. In the construction sector, which employs many illegal aliens, 10% of jobs have vanished over the last year as home prices dropped. The new employer sanctions law has led some businesses to say they won’t expand in Arizona, which means they rely on illegal labor. Good riddance!

Get ready to roar with laughter: Enough illegals have left that the government of Sonora, the Mexican state bordering Arizona, has complained about how many people have arrived on its doorstep. Ha ha ha ha ha hahahahahahaha! COMPLAINED! Oh poor babies! Do you suppose anyone in the Arizona statehouse is listening sympathetically? Complained! That’s great.

Pearce says the overall effect has been undeniably positive for Arizona. “Smaller class sizes, shorter emergency room waits,” he said. “Even if illegal aliens are paying taxes — and most of them aren’t — the cost to taxpayers is huge.”

Let’s not forget the enormous jail and prison expenses, the huge law enforcement costs, the need for all those extra police and deputies, the constant crimes, robberies, rapes, murders. While the business people who have relied on illegal aliens for their ill-gotten income, the honest citizens of Arizona have been paying through the nose.

With the new law against hiring illegals, the only defense for an employer is if it used E-Verify, a federal pilot project to allow businesses to confirm the legality of their laborers.

The law did what it was supposed to with Jorge Hernandez, a 32-year-old illegal immigrant from Mexico. He had been working in a Phoenix tire shop for years when in December his bosses told him they’d have to let him go because of the new law. Now he struggles to support his family by working as a day laborer and is thinking of leaving.

“I’ve been in Arizona for 11 years,” he said. “This is the worst one. For those years I worked every day. I had money, I had a car.”

Cry me a river, you lazy bastard! After 11 years you still had never bothered to apply for citizenship?

Hernandez dreams of moving to New Mexico, where friends have told him the economy is stronger and sentiment against illegal immigrants weaker. “They don’t have E-Verify there,” he said in Spanish.

And that’s entirely because of Governor Richardson, who is of Mexican descent, identifies himself as Hispanic and has no respect at all for his nations immigration laws. With any luck, all the illegal aliens in the U.S. will go to New Mexico as the last open state. Then we’ll watch that state disintegrate.

In other good news, the amount of LEGAL immigration dropped by 17% last year because of increased “administrative problems”. Good! What are we, a goddamned bottomless pit for the worlds disaffected? There’s too many people here now and most of those only speak Spanish. Amscray! Vamoose, hijos de putas! Cago en tu leche

In the meantime, the Dept. of Homeland Security is forging ahead with The Fence, by overriding environmental report requirements. A lot of landowners along the route, of Mexican persuasion, have tried to stop the fence but liberal use of Eminent Domain and now this, is ensuring its continued construction.

There’s a lot of whining over supposed environmental concerns that the fence stops the “migration of animals to and from Mexico.” Oh? You mean like, coyotes and white-tail deer? How sad. Those poor coyotes, unable to go from sheep ranch to sheep ranch like they used to. What a loss. Let’s not forget “the endangered Sonoran Pronghorn and lesser long-nosed bat,” for which we’re giving $800,000 to Fish and Wildlife to use to mitigate any impact, although why the bat can’t fly over the fence is a mystery to me. It sure as Hell won’t fly into it, not with the radar they have. Bats can sense a single gnat in the air. And eat it.

Perhaps we should earmark some funds to mitigate the extinction of illegal aliens? I can see it now, the last Illegal Alien, like the last passenger pigeon, nicely mounted in a glass case in the Smithsonian.

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