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Seventh Psalm is a controversial action-thriller novel
written by two retired United States Air Force officers. The 600-page
book purports to finally explain what, in fact, happened to Saddam
Hussein’s infamous “WMD” that justified the American invasion of Iraq.
Seventh Psalm has developed a significant word-of-mouth following in
the United States, England and Israel, marking it as a unique literary

Writing under the pen name Jonathan Bruce,
co-authors John Schumacher and Bruce Smith crafted a disturbing novel
considered “too accurate” by many in the New York literary
establishment. Although the focus of Seventh Psalm is Britain and
Israel’s covert war on terrorism, many American editors felt that any
novel concerning the war on terrorism was too “pro-Bush.”

Yet, based upon the lives of real people and actual events, many of
which were never reported, Seventh Psalm reaches the pinnacle for
action thrillers in the new millennium: Terrorist attacks in New York
and England generate a three-continent search for the terrorist leader
who has assumed Osama bin Laden’s role as the “world’s most wanted.”
The pursuit is joined by a battle-hardened British SAS officer and his
beautiful cohort from Israel’s ultra-secret Shin Bet. The pair join
forces in the chase for the terrorists and Iraq’s missing cache of
WMD…as US Air Force F-15s swarm into battle and Israeli tanks blast
into action against new and unexpected enemies! Seventh Psalm races
from the shifting battle lines in the war on terrorism to the ravages
of war-torn Sudan; form the halls of power in London and Washington to
the back alleys of Berlin and Hamburg…All with shocking results that
leap from the headlines of tomorrow’s New York Times!

Through the lives and actions of four major characters; British SAS
officer, Colin Blackford and his love interest, an Israeli Shin Bet
operative; a rogue Palestinian terrorist, Mustafa Quomuz, and a German
female terrorist (a child of the Bader-Meinhof faction) Seventh Psalm
answers “THE” question: What became of Saddam Hussein’s WMD? The
weapons that ‘justified’ the American invasion of Iraq? Seventh Psalm
features vibrant military action and political intrigue and explains
the day-to-day vigilance of those who serve on the front lines of the
global war on terror. Seventh Psalm highlights the new “hot spots”
where the war on terrorism will next erupt and takes you to places on
the globe never reported on the nightly news!

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