Saturday, January 05, 2008

Update From the Mountain!

Sorry i have not been blogging, but between trying to get my defender fixed, installing stuff on my ATV, building on the buses, cutting firewood, plowing, the holidays (Christmas and New Years) and doing a radio show five nights per week I just have had no time to blog! I am going to make a concerted effort next week to get back o the stick, but stuff happens on the mountain that just sucks up time and by night time i am exhausted. Remember I am chronically ill so all I am doing really takes it out of me. I was pleased to hear another talk radio show say the show takes allot out of him, I thought it was because I was sick, but not so. Well, maybe it makes it worse, I don't know.

Always remember, I am here for this great nation and you my loyal readers and listeners. I am doing my best, even if it is not good enough.

Oh BTW, I installed a subscription feature in the left sidebar that will email you once per day with the blogs I post here.

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