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Some Arizona businesses are having whine at their New Year’s celebrations

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Drudge links to a Rueters story that bemoans the fate of Arizona’s economic future: “Arizona firms brace for immigration sanctions law” is the headline of the tear-jerking piece.

Imagine the horror faced by Ironco Enterprises having to reduce its workforce by 10% (because 10% of it are not here legally.) Ironco should look at the bright side, apparently only 10% of their jobs are those which Americans would not do.

Imagine the terror in the heart of Jason LeVecke, owner of a chain of Carl’s Jr. restaurants in AZ, who frets about expanding in the state: “It is too much risk for us.” Apparently they might need to inadvertently hire illegal aliens in order to expand in Arizona. They may trip and accidentally miss verifying the status of an applicant. Don’t worry too much about Carl’s Jr. however, LaVecke has a solution! He will expand into Texas, where he apparently feels secure in being an immigration scofflaw.

Never fear potential law breaking Arizona business owners, lawyers will save you!

[Excerpt] Lawyers opposed to the employer sanctions law say that it is unconstitutional and is open to abuse by people making malicious anonymous complaints. They warn that it will also make Arizona less competitive nationally.

“(Already) we have had businesses shut down, businesses that will not go ahead with acquisitions. It is going to get worse before it gets better,” said Julie Pace, one of the lawyers bringing the employers’ suit.

“Arizona will get bypassed economically. We will be known as tough but stupid from an economic perspective,” she said. [End Excerpt]

“Tough but stupid” is how immigration law enforcement is described. It seems elites often view the common sense ideas that benefit the nation as a whole while making businesses follow the rules as “stupid.” It is unfortunate that representing businesses and individuals against the interests of the United States and its citizens isn’t a job Americans won’t do!

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