Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Mountain Update

Well, things are not going as well as I would like up here on the mountain. my hot water heater on the RV burst, my furnace blower in the RV went out, My Mr heater I bought to heat the RV is not working properly, my drain on the RV is frozen solid, I broke my ATV plow and we are now snowed in because we could not find a snowmobile in time. I have someone in town looking at snowmobiles for me and this weekend my neighbor will take my wife down on his snowmobile for me, very nice of him. As for the other problems I am going to have to figure something out. Obviously, Mr. Heater has to go back to the store for a new one. However, how do I heat the RV over the three days my wife is in town? The water heater can be by-passed because we do not use it anyway, the drain is a difficult problem to figure out as I cannot heat under the RV.

To make my day worse, Sean Hannity has lost his mind! He now says McCain has been right and we conservatives have been wrong. He says McCain is the future of the Republican Party and we have to change our rules. The world is coming to an end! - He is just kidding, but I think allot of people changed the channel while he did it! It went on too long and a caller asked if he was kidding and he said no and continued to justify it; not funny.

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