Monday, January 07, 2008

Linda Chavez, champion of illegal aliens in Arizona!

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“Conservative” columnist Linda Chavez continued her assault on the nasty Americans that have a problem with illegal immigration in her latest column. “The Sound of Silence” celebrates the lack of reports stemming from Arizona’s new law requiring investigations of complaints by citizens regarding businesses which may be using illegal labor.

Chavez trumpets the small number of complaints that occurred during the law’s first week on the books as proof that the citizens of Arizona aren’t all that concerned about illegal immigration. Apparently the law is a waste of law book space to Chavez, no doubt joining any other sovereignty preserving law in that category. Linda likes the lovely lack of locals who complained about businesses employing illegals in the first week of the new year. She would have her readers believe that the good people of Arizona (only qualify as good people now if they aren’t complaining about illegals) all made “not mouthing off about poor illegals” as their primary new year resolution.

I can’t help wondering if there might be a better explanation for the Linda’s luscious lack of livid complaints. Two words come to mind… two words that Chavez blocks out when discussing her pet issue. These two words are common and sense!

My recent post, “Some Arizona businesses are having whine at their New Year’s celebrations,” dealt with the poor business owners in Arizona that were taking steps to conform to Linda’s least liked law. Could it be that the attention given to the law before it went into effect had an impact. No, I doubt it. After all how on earth could businesses laying off illegal employees have an effect on citizen complaints against businesses using illegal employees? Come on, that would be like people driving at or below the posted speed limit accounting for a lack of speeding tickets!

Linda leaves little doubt that she opposes any legal obstacle to liquidating our borders. I am afraid however, that common sense laws and the notion that they will be enforced do indeed have an effect. Let’s hope Linda’s idea of a Happy New Year is never realized. Let’s continue to give her something to crusade against, American sovereignty!

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