Thursday, January 10, 2008

New Hampshire independents say yes to amnesty and no to free speech…

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McCain wins New Hampshire!

I’m sure there will be varying opinions on the meaning of this victory by the self and media proclaimed “comeback kid.” I wonder how many of those opinions will include the fact that in New Hampshire, independents are allowed to skew the primary results.

Senator McCain hasn’t been this excited since he and Ted Kennedy thought their amnesty plan could be unleashed on an unsuspecting populace. Maybe Teddy is raising a glass to his old pal as I type. I just hope he isn’t driving while toasting his liberal ally from across the aisle. If McCain pulls off the “comeback” and wins the presidency perhaps Kennedy would be named Secretary of Road to Water Transportation.

Another fellow liberal senator who is probably enjoying the moment is Russ Fiengold, who joined McCain in ensuring that and the like have a distinct advantage in the campaigning process. A right to life group can’t put out an ad within 60 days of an election. A common person is limited to $2300 in contributions per cycle. The saving grace however, is the fact that 527s run by people like George Soros can do what they like.

John McCain’s military service and what he endured for our nation as a prisoner of war is admirable and greatly appreciated. His service and his senate tenure do not automatically make him a reasonable choice for president. Some might even argue that he isn’t a good choice for Senator. (Of course I live in Illinois, land of Durbin and Obama, so McCain would be a slight improvement over my senators.)

It strikes me as interesting that both Iowa and New Hampshire Republican primary or caucus voters chose liberal Republicans that are weak to awful on illegal immigration and have the potential to continue the tradition of growing government. Iowa said “give us the pro-life liberal Republican” and New Hampshire said “we’ll take the pro-life liberal Republican who has been more proactive in encouraging illegal immigration.”

I wonder what Rullary Clintiani thinks of the decisions made by the Iowa Republicans and the New Hampshire “independents?” The man who told Phil Donahue in a 1989 interview that he would pay to have his grandchild aborted (”I’d give my daughter money for it.” discussing abortion) must be smiling. The man who had New York taxpayers provide security and transportation for his mistress is getting just what he needs as these early states give the nod to two different liberals over the best choice, Congressman Duncan Hunter and the acceptable choices of Mitt Romney and Fred Thompson.

I would call Ron Paul acceptable or even give him second billing if I didn’t keep hearing him discuss the war in such a rabid manner. If I wasn’t afraid that Congressman Paul’s foreign policy wouldn’t protect our interests I would give him a good hard look. Everything I’ve heard him say on domestic issues made me want to cheer.

Is the notion of the media not selecting our leadership unattainable? Do we live in an era in which most people are distracted by so many other things that they don’t look into the candidates beyond what is readily available in the mainstream media? I realize that most people probably aren’t political junkies, but I still have a hard time understanding why a person wouldn’t want to know for whom he or she was voting, especially for the highest office in the land. Perhaps the system is working as it should. An apathetic electorate will get what we vote for, even if we are voting for less than clear reasons.

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