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Tyson Foods now importing Somali refugees for cheap labor

Cross posted from Bear Creek Ledger:

Tyson Foods gets caught with hundreds of illegal aliens from Mexico and Central America so they go to resettlement camps to bring in Somalis to the small Kansas town of Emporia. Bear in mind Tyson takes no responsibility for these refugees except for the job. The town is left to deal with all the other extended family members and social problems. I’ve spoken before of the problems relating to the Somali refugees brought into Minnesota. What angers me is Tyson’s disgusting behavior. Because of their importation of illegal aliens I’ve long ago stopped buying any Tyson products.

From American Congress for Truth:

So, Tyson opted to do something legal. It brought in approximately 400 ‘legal’ Somali Muslim ‘humanitarian refugees’ to top up its 2000 employee work force in Emporia. It went further and allotted prayer room space and even outfitted bathrooms with wudus, foot washing baths, so that these tough foot soldiers of Islam could prayer to mecca, five times a day. It also brought in ’sensitivity training’ specialists into the community from groups like federally funded Spring Institute of Denver, Colorado engaged in inter-cultural and immigrant absorption consulting on behalf of the Kansas Department of Social and Rehabilitative Services (KDSRS) - a conduit for grants from Office of Refugee Resettlement of the US Department of Health and Human Services.

snip……ESU senior Heavner and the majority of Emporians are perceptive enough to realize what the damage could be to the community’s cultural base, health and welfare systems from the influx of Somali Muslims. But that is of little concern to food processing giant Tyson Foods, the Federal office of Refugee Resettlement and its State of Kansas DSRS and NGO ‘humanitarian refugee’ advocates using our taxpayer dollars to subsidize this misadventure and possible disaster in our nation’s heartland.

From a comment with this story follows a an even richer blog with detailed information on more pitfalls involved with this resettlement.

Refugee Resettlement Watch
From Emporia,KS lets off steam we find out about the nomadic culture of Somalis:

So, let me get this straight. The long-time citizens of Emporia are expected to embrace the Somali community whose members are always on the move and apparently have no plans to put down roots anyway. Kimsey inadvertantly demonstrates the assimilation problem. If Somalis are to live in America they must begin to assimililate to American ways and one of the first things they can learn is that we are not nomads. This is where this multicultural ‘clap trap’ has gotten us—we tip-toe around this important issue, presumably fearing the scarlet ”R” word will be emblazoned on our chests.

TB and nomads,alcohol and Muslims

So those 50 percent who have latent TB — they won’t necessarily be around to receive their nine months or year of treatment. Someone said the Somalis understand the need for treatment. Presumably when they move they go to another community of Somalis, many of whom are being treated. So it is quite possible that the public health system picks them up when they move, and they’re not spreading TB around the country. But could we have some facts on this, please?

Second, a couple of the Emporia residents described episodes of drunkenness among the Somalis.

Will answers be forthcoming in Emporia, KS tomorrow?

This last is wishful thinking. Sure some of the next generation will go on to bigger things and we hope they do, but I think one need only look at Paris burning tonight to see the folly in this thinking. Those African Muslim youths rampaging at this moment are the children of immigrants France brought in for the cheap labor. They are the next generation! Isn’t this kind of a crap shoot, what makes us think that this would never happen in America?

Refugee working at Tyson Foods died of TB

In light of the previous post, Somalis arrive in Emporia with tuberculosis, an article from last January in the Emporia Gazette is relevant. In Tyson worker had TB…..

snip…..If a refugee died of TB in January, he must have come into this country with active TB. This raises the question: How good is the screening procedure used for refugees? We have been assured time and again that refugees receive at least two health screenings, overseas and once they arrive here. How did an active case of TB slip through, and how many more are there?

Somalis arrive in Emporia with tuberculosis

About 160 of the Somalis in Emporia have been diagnosed with latent TB. Latent TB is not contagious, but if it is not treated, 10 to 15 percent of the cases become active. So the health officials acted promptly to screen the new arrivals and to begin treating those with the disease. Good for them, but think of the resources needed to deal with this. Nurse Lori Torres now works full time just on TB cases.

Why are most of the Somalis young men? Where are the women and children?

And does any American refugee official think that bringing in young single Muslim men might be a problem? It’s not as if Somali men have been shy about trying to impose their religious laws on Americans. Remember the Minneapolis taxi drivers who refused to pick up passengers carrying alcohol in their luggage? They were Somalis. (More on the taxi drivers controversy here and here.) And the fun has only just begun for Emporia:

The total Somali population in Emporia is thought to be between 750 and 1,000, and the expectation is that the number will continue to grow as word of jobs spreads to Somali enclaves in Utah, Minnesota, Maine and Ohio.

Well, at least Tyson Foods will get its cheap labor, whatever the cost to Emporians.And if you think Tennessee is left out of this equation of African refugees, think again.

Burundian Hutus settling in Chattanooga, TN

The resettlement agency mentioned here, Bridge Refugee Services is a subcontractor of Church World Service and is the same agency that joined the ACLU and CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) in a lawsuit against the Federal govt. over the Patriot Act.

Church World Service administers an agency in Africa with funding from the US State Dept.; it’s called the Joint Voluntary Agency and its job is to find refugees to bring to America.

Why are US agencies or US agencies funded by Federal tax dollars looking for refugees to bring to the US? Is this what our immigration policy is supposed to be about? I thought immigration was meant to be industrious immigrants who are capable of taking care of themselves through skills and knowledge. Who have a desire to make for themselves in a new country where the immigrant embraces their new home with loyalty and commitment….meaning assimilation.


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