Thursday, June 21, 2007

Uncooperative Radio Show Recordings for the Weekend of 6-15-07

Sorry but I have been doing my treatments and we are packing to move so this is late. I am just throwing this up so you have the sources I used in my show last week.

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Titles: Brian opines on changing to an Independent voter. Our military heroes. The Armed Citizen Report.

Subjects: Taking back our country one vote at a time. Brian lays out his strategy. Then the Armed Citizen Report and our military heroes and their stories.


U.S. Military Deserves Enormous Thanks


Title: Illegal alien weekly round up. Even Without the Senate Bill, we are being forced to accept Mexican ways. Did you know America has a progressive majority?

Subject: Illegal alien weekly round up. It’s back: Senate bill 1348. Utah is hiring teachers from Mexico to teach the kids Americans don’t want to teach. And welcome all, to the April 27th North American Transportation Trilateral. Oh and did you know America has a progressive majority. Yea that’s what the libs all say.


Mexican teachers to buttress local schools

Incoming! Mexican airplanes on radar

America Has a 'Progressive Majority,' Liberal Group Claims

Takeover by Hamas Illustrates Failure of Bush's Mideast Vision

Schwarzenegger: Turn Off Spanish TV


Title: Daddy’s Poem, Dad Stats, Ups and Downs for the week.

Subject: Happy Fathers day with the origins of father’s day and a poem for Dad sent to me by my daughter. Then some Dad stats and The Ups and Downs for the week.


Father's Day's_day

Dad Facts

High court OKs limits on use of union dues,0,5467144.story?coll=bal-business-headlines

Man Who Sues Dry Cleaners for $54 Million May Have Lost More Than His Pants,2933,283212,00.html

Hemorrhaging Members,2933,281414,00.html

eHarmony sued for excluding gays

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