Saturday, June 23, 2007

The Military Channel is looking for Military Videos

The Military Channel is seeking personal videos from members of the U.S. Military to let soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines tell their story directly to viewers. Real-life moments captured on film by service members will be broadcast on the Military Channel as part of an on-air programming initiative. Servicemen and women anywhere in the world who brought back footage from a recent deployment, or those who currently have a camera with them on the frontlines, can submit their videos directly to the Military Channel.

We have videos and assets from the first phase of this initiative, which occurred in February and March, which we are happy to provide to share with your readers. We appreciate your support in sharing this message with fellow members of the military, friends and colleagues. There are three ways in which you can submit the videos:


Discovery Productions

8045 Kennett Street

Silver Spring, MD 20910

· Via Email: Forward an email containing a video link to You can also email the same address with questions.

Deployed service personnel may also be able to send footage via DVIDS satellite transmission. To find out how, please contact your PAO.

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