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From “Permanent Republican Majority” to “end of the party as we know it” within 5 years.

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From a Commenter:
“After this stupidity, will people still believe Karl Rove is a master politicial operator? I doubt it. From “permanent Republican majority” to “end of the party as we know it” within 5 years. Congratulations, Bush…..”

What kind of Republican are you?

1) Racist
2) Nativist
3) Xenophobe
4) Bigot
5) Anti American
6) Or just plain stupid

Well…it depends on which Republican leader you are talking to.

S.1348 is in trouble. Over the long Memorial holiday Republican supporters of the sham bill have been set back on their heels by the reaction of their constituency. This reality slap is revealing.


It demonstrates two things.
The first is, Republicans are woefully out of touch with the people who elect them.
The second is the internet is clearly having an impact on how Congress will do it’s business in the future. (This is something new and scary for them)

Senator Kyl R-AZ said ” He learned a few new words from his “supporters” this week.
Lindsay Graham was soundly booed at a Republican fund raiser. Lamar Alexander had to virtually “run for cover” at a town meeting with constituents…..
From Blue Collar Muse
The ‘After opening remarks Sen. Alexander will take questions from his constituents’ format was quickly abandoned by the Senator (or his handlers, or both) in favor of the new and improved ‘Sen. Alexander will talk quietly and one-on-one with constituents’
He removed his lapel Mic.The Senator was asked to use the mike again so everyone could hear his comments. Senator Alexander did not comply with that request.
When attendees objected to the abrupt change in format they were advised the meeting was being held on private property and by people that had the right to make changes. If those changes were unacceptable, those objecting were advised they were free to leave.


Need More?
Chertoff didn’t just infer but was quoted “Some people think anything less than capital punishment is amnesty.”
Lindsay Graham said ” We are going to tell the bigots to just “Shut Up”
President Bush inferred that Congress should admit it wont enforce our laws and that thoughtful Americans who feel we should, didn’t want what’s best for the Country.

The administration is so desperate to have some legacy…..any legacy….that it is reverting to an inane “sticks and stones”….”You’re not the boss of me” response.
HEH….but, we are the boss of you. Not the Chamber of Commerce, Not the Mexican Government, Not the League of Catholic whatever’s…..WE ARE…..
We’re just trying to help you realize that before it’s too late for YOU….

The other thing is the impact the internet is having on the “Politics is what we report it is” collusion between the Main stream media with their agenda, and What our Representatives DON”T want us to know.
This old buddy relationship is falling apart at the seams.


A video of a Wall Street Journal editorial meeting is hilarious. (video at Hot Air HERE) These pompous asses hold Americans in as much contempt as their Elected leaders do…Chertoff and Guiterrez and La Raza couldn’t have scripted their perspective any better.(apologies Peggy Noonan)To quote Willie Wonka…”So shines a good deed in a weary world.”

Copies of the “Draft Bill” were almost immediately blazed across the internet.
The Truth Laid Bear immediately put up a version that you could read and comment on.
Stik will admit….I read every page. I’m not an activist…just an ordinary shmo with a college degree and a blog. I can only say, if this is something these guys are proud of, they need to read “The Peter Principle”
Having been fooled by the “We’re tough on border security FENCE BILL of 2006″ SO RE-ELECT ME” scam our Republican Representatives pulled on us last year……thousands of us could actually read this legislation.
President Bush said ”
This bill says, temporary, it means temporary.

A temporary worker program will not begin until our border security measures are in place, and until we have a reliable system for verifying employment eligibility. That’s the way the bill works

For the skeptics who say that we’re not concerned about border security or workplace enforcement, they need to read the bill

Oh, I’m sure you’ve heard some of the talk out there about people defining the bill. It’s clear they hadn’t read the bill. They’re speculating about what the bill says, and they’re trying to rile up people’s emotions. This is a good piece of legislation.

SO HERE’S THE RUB…….To the chagrin of both the President and Congress, for the first time, thousands of Americans HAVE read the bill. And thanks to the internet and web news sites and bloggers, those thousands have made millions actually aware of what a sorry piece of legislation it is.


Our Republican Leadership knows this bill is not a “starting point” which will be made better and stronger……It will be made weaker and more impotent. It is designed and written with that end in mind. Any idiot can see that. They just think we’re dumber than dumb. Their disingenuous response to the outrage of their party makes this apparent.
Republicans in Washington and around the country better realize quick, we are not racist, or Xenophobic. We are just watching you and demanding that you perform competently….or at least not stupidly.

A few commenters perspectives:
I know this is a tricky one for a lot of people so I’ll keep my plan short and sweet. You ready? Here it is:
STEP #1 - ENFORCE THE LAWS ON THE BOOKS!!! Thats it. That is the entire plan from start to finish. We DO NOT need new laws. We DO NOT need different laws. We DO NOT need more laws.

You know, with Congress and the president’s approval rating in the toilet, is it any wonder why the want all these “new” voters to pander too?

Another reason why the nutroots aren’t saying much: they don’t have to. The Republican party is self-destructing over this, not from a fundamental split in its base, but from a fundamental split between the base and its leadership. Why should the nutroots say anything when the Republicans are committing suicide?

In Mexico, entering and staying illegally is a felony. Citizens are tracked and all visitors, upon entering, are triggering a tracking number to be opened. Here it’s a misdemeanor, and he belittles millions who question why not even that is being addressed.

Mexico’s laws being followed is protecting a sovereign country.
Our laws being followed is racism.
He needs to read up what amnesty means. This distorted approach from the WH will backfire. I’d much rather they call it amnesty and then try to sell it.

Chertoff: Some people think anything less than capital punishment is amnesty
Anything less than enforcing the law is amnesty.

I feel like Charlie Brown with Lucy holding the football.
Hey, the Republicans are cutting their own throats. Chertoff and Bush are ignoring every point that the American people have when they demand border security. Instead, they call more than 70% of the US population a bunch of racists and pretend we’re lunatics.

There’s an old saying: When your opponent is self destructing, get out of his way. Do you notice how conspicuously absent most of the Dems are here. Harry and Nancy have made some shallow comments, but they are letting Bush and the Republicans take the beating for this travesty.

Back in 1986 it was “unrealistic” to round up and deport the 3 million illegal immigrants in the United States then….
In 92 it was unrealistic to round up and deport the 8 million illegal immigrants in the United States then….
In 2007 it was unrealistic to round up and deport the 15-20 million illegal immigrants in the United States then….
In 2015 it will be unrealistic to round up and deport the 25-40 million illegal immigrants in the United States then….

Amnesty is not about how you become a citizen.
The word is from the same root as “amnesia.” It means you forget or overlook some crime, as if it never happened. All this elaborate talk about the steps illegal immigrants must go through to become citizens is a distraction from the crime they committed when they crossed the border illegally.
Instead, all attention is focused on what to do to accommodate those who committed this crime.

They are trying the liberal trick of making your opposition look like extremists

When you reward a criminal with the object of their crime, requiring nothing more than a token “penalty”, that is amnesty… plain and simple. We do not catch car thieves and allow them to purchase the car they stole for pennies on the dollar!

I’m already tired of seeing the line or its variation…..
they are just trying to support their families (whether it references the illegal or business owner)…….so is any other criminal. Every time an illegal uses our public services they are stealing plain and simple. Every time a business owner hires an illegal they are breaking the law.
There are laws to ensure society runs fairly smoothly. If everyone gets to decide what laws they want to follow then we’ll have anarchy.
I can think of plenty of laws I don’t want to follow. Since I would be trying to provide for my family I guess it would be okay to break them right?
The only thing broken about immigration is the lack of attention paid to the employers of illegal immigrants. If more employers were heavily fined or jailed due to breaking existing labor laws, there would be no illegal immigration.

How many other countries in the world can millions of illegal immigrants walk in to, find a job, use it’s schools, hospitals, etc., pay no taxes, convince politicians to have everything printed in their homelands language and then expect they have a “legal” right to citizenship. The rest of the world is laughing at what pushovers the American public is.

Lawbreakers are lawbreakers. The illegals will not leave unless they are detained and deported. You can pass whatever new laws you wish, they will not respect them! Wake up America! They have already used my social security number over 100 times. This sucks!

Senator Mel Martinez (R-FL) said this past weekend on national media that this new bill has the potential to “save” the Republican Party!!! He apparently believes this RUBBISH.

WARNING TO ALL FEDERAL-LEVEL POLITICIANS: I can think of no other issue in my lifetime that has the same potential to readily dismantle the Republican Party as soon as 2008 as this one does. I will not vote for now, or anytime in the future, any federal politician from either party that represents me that votes “aye” on this legislation. I suspect there are many, many millions of us out there that feel the same way (both Dems and Reps

The phrase “shall be effective” refers the alleged “triggers”. However, “the probationary benefits” are explicitly exempted from the so-called “triggers”…..HA!…While illegal immigrant Z visa holders may be exempted from what this bill purports to achieve, my Republican Senators and Congressmen will not enjoy such an exemption next November…..

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If you would like to participate, please go to the above link to learn more. Afterwards, email the coalition and let us know at what level you would like to participate.

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