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The Art of Tony Snowing….Translating the Press Briefing

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I know it’s Tony’s job to placate the press, give out non-answers confuse and obfuscate, but did his answers to yesterdays questions at his briefing reach a new low?……Na…..not really. This has to be one of the most agonizing jobs that exist…… for anyone with character and a sense of truthiness……..just saying.
NOTE….The briefing is linked at the bottom of the page….tho….it will take a bit longer to read…..and doesn’t say anything different….but it is much more entertaining… a root canal kinda way……

June 12 2007

Q Tony, immigration. Sheila Jackson, the Texan, someone who knows about border crossing issues, she said that the President should have been on the Hill way before this. What are your thoughts about that? And tell us why amnesty still is the major hurdle as you continue to tout —
SNOW: I’m not sure that I buy any of the premises…on all the major provisions they’ve passed with more than 60 votes…

Q This is something Republicans are just not trying to back, many Republicans. If you can’t get your own party, Democrats are not —

SNOW: What I’m telling you is if you have 60 votes in the United States Senate, that shows strong support….

Q Tony, where is the President’s real base of support on immigration? I mean, we know that he went a long way to offending his own base, some of his public remarks on this — I don’t have to tell you about the kind of grassroots efforts against this. So explain to me who he tries to reach when he goes up there today.
SNOW: Well, on the other hand, David, you got 60 votes….

Q Tony, I’m sure you’ve done your head counting on this. Does the President see an equal threat from Democratic senators who don’t want to see this bill passed as he does from —
SNOW: Again, I remind you, Bret, that on the major provisions it got 60-plus votes.

Q Is there any room for more compromise on the immigration thing, or does the President just view his job as one of persuasion? Because some of the Republicans don’t sound like they’re persuaded.
SNOW: Well, some of the Democrats don’t sound like — again, Tom, I will repeat to you, the key provisions have the support of more than 60 members of the Senate……

Q Since immigration is the safety valve for Mexico, are there any commitments from Mexico to — or negotiations to cut down on the flow of immigrants?

Q Well, what clout do we have with Mexico?

Q Are we doing anything with the Mexican government to help them improve their development and —

Q The President has said he didn’t want to do immigration piecemeal, but it appears that those that oppose the bill that have a substantial amount of clout want security first, even though those elements were in the bill. Will the President at some point say, okay, we’ll just do the security piece now and come back —

Q Let me be more direct. Would the President slice off the guest worker program and just accept —

Q Finally, was the President’s watch lifted in Albania off his wrist?
MR. SNOW: No, it was not.

Q Back on immigration. If the immigration reform plan fails, who bears the responsibility? And are you concerned that Democrats — specifically, the letter from Harry Reid that tells the President, you have to come up with the votes or this won’t make it — do you think the Democrats are laying the groundwork to blame the President for not —
MR. SNOW: I’m not going to answer a premise that I don’t think is legitimate on this.

Q Thank you, Tony. Two questions. The New York Times reported — and this is a quote — “The legislation sparked a furious rebellion among many Republicans and even some Democratic voters who were linked by the Internet and encouraged by radio talk show hosts,” while The Washington Post reported, “Bush has not been able to break through vehement opposition from grassroots conservatives which was stoked by conservative talk radio.” And my question: Do these conclusions by both The New York Times and The Washington Post suggest to the President and his chief media advisor that it would be wise for him to appear on more talk radio, and less of that junior electronic medium, television?

Q Thanks.

MR. SNOW: All right, thanks.

The full press briefing is HERE

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